Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

We were married 2 years ago today. Christine is up early with him making cinnamon rolls to celebrate, and we're going out to eat tonight at one of our favorite local places.

Here are some of pictures of that lovely day :-) Also here are the links to the wedding pictures posts.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Curtis turns 26

Curtis is 26 today, and so he has turned the corner towards 30...

Yesterday we went to Disneyland to celebrate, well, everything, and so Curtis of course had to wear a birthday hat...

We spent the morning with law school friends who came down to Long Beach for Brunch. Had an amazing view of the ocean.
Went shopping for his birthday gift (new headphones), and had his birthday dinner at CPK, where the server not only gave him a free birthday dessert, but also gave him free made-from-scratch focaccia bread, since they have recently taken it off the menu. I think he had a fun day :-).

Christine Graduated!

I will probably put more reflections on graduation on my personal blog (if I ever have time), but wanted to include a few family pics on the family blog to celebrate the day.

The whole family crew :-)