Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014

[We did a "limited edition" holiday card this year - meaning, we ordered a fraction of what we usually order and Christine didn't put in the normal work of taking/editing pictures, trying out a dozen designs on Shutterfly, ordering three of those designs, writing an update for the back of the card, creating an excel spreadsheet for distribution, and mailing them the first week of December.  I think so much effort went into making a special Philadelphia card for 2013 that when this year rolled around, she still had card-fatigue. Card-fatigue that may also be related to Holiday-fatigue: the only Christmas decoration we unpacked was the wreath for the front door - no tree, no decorations, they're still in boxes.  Curtis had a stressful end to his school quarter and Christine has been busy managing everything else, we took a long Thanksgiving trip to CA plus we're running a lot these days and Christine is still going to Pure Barre several days a week - it's a lot and we're a little burnt out and feeling Grinch-y.   And since we're leaving one week from today for a long Christmas in California, where there are plenty of decorations, I think we've given up.  The phrase "next year," has become a big part of the Harding Hart vocabulary these days.]

So with all of that complaining - Merry Christmas!  We are well and hope you are too.  If you were expecting our paper card in the mail, I'm sorry, I hope this "e-version" conveys our love just the same.