Sunday, March 11, 2012

Kenny sees a cat from the car

Warning - don't have your volume too high when you press play

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Mardi Gras 2012

Finally! The long-awaited Mardi Gras blog! We had a great time going to parades and even a ball! Each Mystic Society (basically an older version of fraternities and sororities) puts on their own parade and ball, scheduled sometime during the season.  

The Sheriffs Ride in front of the Parade in special uniforms - this was the Conde Caviliers Parade

A Hurricane at Joe Cain Cafe before the Inca's Parade 

Our Ball tickets and Invite - Full-length dresses and Tails required 

Our Haul from the Inca's Parade - this wis what they threw from the floats (Cups, beads, and ramen, + moon pies that aren't pictured)

Kenny trying on Beads

Picture of my dress - I had to keep my curlers in until the last moment 

Curtis in his tails

The last parade of Mardi Gras - Order of Myths (or as the locals say, "double-O Ms") - on this float the "Folly" is trying to ward off "Death" 

An attempt at a picture of the floats, with the guys in costume throwing stuff into the crowd

Happy Mardi Gras! Hope you can come next year to celebrate the season w/ us!