Sunday, July 15, 2012

A goal set in January pays off in July.

In January when we both started Weight Watchers (again), we set a goal, lose 50 pounds (between the two of us, not individually) and we would get massages.

Many months of aching backs later, we hit the weight last Saturday, and yesterday had our day of relaxation.  We each had a 80 minute massage and Christine had a 30 minute express facial, and our bodies are grateful.

We both still have some weight to lose, but we're happy that we hit this milestone. On to the next!

Monday, July 9, 2012

4th of July

We had a fun, low key 4th of July here in Baldwin County.  We slept in, went to the gym, watched the crazy thunderstorm outside and enjoyed the day off, but then around 5:30 pm or so we drove to Target, picked up some camp chairs, and went down to the Fairhope pier... 

where we ate from a picnic (Mom - we used the UCLA cooler, worked great!) and listened to the Baldwin Pops (a wind ensemble) play mostly patriotic music, with a Star Wars medley thrown in.  There was also this fantastic piece with an awesome xylo solo that made me miss the instrument.  The Pops also provided the background music for the fireworks, and I was pleased to hear the John Phillip Sousa march with a decent (albeit not great) rendition of the piccolo part.  We even got to say to high to friends of ours who were also there. 

Best part? We got to bring the Kennster. 

Kenny on the Scotland Fleece Blanket.  Who knew that blanket would find itself in Alabama!? 

How did he do? Aside from barking at a few folks who came too close, he did really well.  He even slept through the fireworks.  But before he crashed, he loved taking everything in. 

We were weary of going out after all of the rain earlier in the day, but it was actually unusually pleasant outside that evening and we were glad that we went, it was very fun and relaxing.