Sunday, April 28, 2013

Second Annual Battle of the Bay Canoe and Kayak Race

We decided last year that this year we would kayak, and yes, it was so much better. The weather was perfect. I don't have any good kayak pics yet since we were racing   I stole a few taken of us racing, and  there are also some that I took from the canoe race, including of my co-workers:

We didn't do a training program like we'd hoped - the warm weather did not present itself in time to get out on the water.  And it didn't help that we were training for a 5K and Curtis is doing his pedometer program; but we did okay: 

Curtis got 9th out of the men in the kayak race!

And I "sorta" got 2nd. There was a question as to where I finished which is why my name was crossed out. I'm pretty sure at least one other woman placed before me - but I definitely did well among the women.  

We also were excited to learn that Mobile County won the "paddle" back from Baldwin county by doing better in the races than Baldwin County.  So it was a big win for the Mobile County judges and lawyers. 

Overall we're pretty sore, but had a good time. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Color me Rad "5K" in Mobile

A few days ago we did a Color Me Rad 5K in Mobile at the Fairgrounds.  Essentially it's a normal run, except that (1) it's not timed and (2) they throw colored cornstarch on you during the run and after.  

Here's the before pictures: 

As this took place a few days after the Boston Marathon, me and many others had references to Boston on their person during the run.
The sunglasses come with registration, we bought the scarves on the advice of people online who had done these runs, if you don't block your mouth, you might end up choking on the cornstarch and having a hard time breathing.  That wasn't a major issue during the race. The fanny pack kept our keys and Curtis' pedometer free from cornstarch. 

Here's the after: 

The couple that gets messy together, stays together?

We took advantage of our proximity to a Whataburger to try those burgers for the first time - not bad. 
Overall it was very fun.  It was a questionable distance - I sincerely doubt that the course was actually 3.1 miles.  Most people walked the course but we were able to jog most of it - I loved running on a grass surface. But it was fun to get outside and get messy!