Thursday, June 30, 2011

Disneyland Trip

Curtis has about a week and a half left before he goes to Alabama. Back in May we purchased annual passes to Disneyland and California Adventure, not being aware that we were about to move across the country. I will probably be able to go during August, but this was the last chance for Curtis and we wanted to get there and see things we hadn't yet.

We made sure to don hats as we usually do for our last visit together. Curtis wore his cone and I wore my Stitch hat. I have pictures I'll post when I get a hold of Curtis' camera.

At about 7 PM last night we headed over there. We started at CA Adventure so that we could finally see World of Color. On our way in someone had spare fast passes for Soarin' Over California so we were able to get on that relatively quickly.

World of Color is awesome. Great music, beautiful lights and very cool water effects. We also rode the new Little Mermaid Ride immediately after because the line was only like, 2 minutes. Very cute, little kids will love it.

Then we walked over to Disneyland, grabbed some Dole Whip (the best thing at Disneyland, and the line was mercifully short!), and waited in the 80 minute line for the new Star Tours. I wasn't happy that they changed Star Tours, but it was actually pretty good and fun, and the 3D was pretty awesome. She took some pictures in the queue.

New Screen - we were excited to hear Alison Janney's voice for the Spokesdroid for Star Tours

New Droid, who was "scanning" luggage.

Newly painted Star Speeder.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Curtis' new clothes

Curtis and his mom went to lunch and shopping for some new clothes for his new job. They did a great job. Here's an example outfit, highlighting Curtis' unique aesthetic.

Nice, right?

"special thanks to Mom for helping out!" - Curtis

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Off Roading / Shooting Trip with Curtis and Dad

Yesterday Dad and I went on a shooting and off-roading trip It was a lot of fun and I am very glad we did this. We drove up to Frazier Park and went to one of the areas of dirt at had a yummy lunch that Mom had packed for us. Mom was kind enough to watch Kenny dog for the day... more on that later.

After the lunch Dad and I proceeded to get both of our shoulders good and bruised by shooting a whole box of 135 clay pigeons. It took me a couple of tries to the throw right, so it was probably about 130. Neither of us
had done that for a while and it was every bit as fun as I remember. My shoulder is hating on me a bit today, but it is a great thing to see a little clay pigeon turn to dust. =)

After the shooting, Dad did a lot of 4-wheeling. It was not too crazy, but we bounced around a lot. There were a couple of areas I was freaked out a bit by, but Dad was laughing about how they were just a couple of little hills.

On the way out from the first trail, we came across a jack rabbit. It was too quick, so I did not get a picture of it. BUT! We did come across a herd of COWS! There were about 15 or so of them. Some were full grown cows and some calves! One of the calves charged the Jeep! Well, a cow charge is more of a wander, but it was pretty funny when Dad called it over and it started hobbling over.

We went over to another trail that Dad wanted to explore and we got a really great view of the area. You could see a couple of the ranches and the small market area. It was spectacular. After coming down off of the mountain. We had a nice long stop at Denny's for dinner and headed home.

When we arrived back at Mom and Dad's house, Mom and Kenny were great. Mom's first time watching Kenny was a great success! Kenny, as always gave us a very awesome welcoming party. It sounds like they both had a lot of fun on their walks up and down the street a couple of times. And how do I know Kenny had a good time?... Well, the next two pictures are Kenny today. =)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Kenny after Bath

YouTube Video

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Roll Tide!

Big exciting news!!
We are moving to Alabama.

(Yes, I'm serious)

Curtis has accepted a job in Mobile, Alabama for Airbus North America.

He leaves on July 9th, and Kenny and I will make the move after I take the Bar, at the end of August.

We will be probably live on the other side of Mobile Bay, either in Daphne or Spanish Fort.

We are very excited about our southern adventure, and hope that our family and friends will come visit.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

My two favorites :-)

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