Sunday, November 20, 2011

Our Friendly Neighborhood Frog/Toad

This little guy has become a frequent highlight of our late-night walks...

Kenny Stuff

We can't wait for Kenny to see his Bibi and Papi on Tuesday. In the meantime, for his other grandparents, and other friends and family, here's some stuff from yesterday:

We went out and played with a toy, he was hilarious in wanting to leap over the sidewalk at full speed:

Then he had a bath...

And did his usual post-bath blitz.
And yes, that is a Martha Stewart Pets Bathrobe.

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Nick in Alabama

Our good friend Nick came to visit us last weekend! We did so many things: we had nachos and our first bushwackers at Tacky's Jacks on Friday, which is on the causeway between Mobile and "Baldwin County" (where we live). Saturday we went to a street party in Mobile, and watched the Stanford-USC game, which was insane. And on Sunday we went down to Orange Beach so that we could put our feet in the gulf and play around a bit, before we took Nick to the airport. it was a really fun weekend!
Beautiful, soft sand
Nick doing the Heisman, that's what 2 days in Alabama does to you.
pretty sky.
pretty water, definitely needed the sunglasses out there

I also have video but my usual blogging iPad app isn't working so that will have to wait. I'm sure Curtis and Nick don't mind. 

Montgomery, Alabama

 Christine had to take the MPRE again, the 2 hour ethics portion of the bar, and had to take it in Montgomery, the state capitol of Alabama. It's about a 2.5 hour drive each way, so Curtis was awesome and booked us a hotel in the city on Friday night so that I could get a good night of sleep before the exam. (not that I needed it... it's like the easiest common sense test a baby lawyer ever takes)

But we took advantage of the trip to take in a few sights: We had BBQ at Dreamland, thanks to a recommendation from Curtis' co-worker. We also went to the riverfront, and saw the Civil Rights Memorial that the Southern Poverty Law Center put up, as well as the church that Dr. Martin Luther King preached at for about 6 years, in the midst of, among other things, the Montgomery Bus Boycott. We got back yesterday afternoon, so it was a nice little trip, to a place that we would never have seen but for our move.