Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Off Roading / Shooting Trip with Curtis and Dad

Yesterday Dad and I went on a shooting and off-roading trip It was a lot of fun and I am very glad we did this. We drove up to Frazier Park and went to one of the areas of dirt at had a yummy lunch that Mom had packed for us. Mom was kind enough to watch Kenny dog for the day... more on that later.

After the lunch Dad and I proceeded to get both of our shoulders good and bruised by shooting a whole box of 135 clay pigeons. It took me a couple of tries to the throw right, so it was probably about 130. Neither of us
had done that for a while and it was every bit as fun as I remember. My shoulder is hating on me a bit today, but it is a great thing to see a little clay pigeon turn to dust. =)

After the shooting, Dad did a lot of 4-wheeling. It was not too crazy, but we bounced around a lot. There were a couple of areas I was freaked out a bit by, but Dad was laughing about how they were just a couple of little hills.

On the way out from the first trail, we came across a jack rabbit. It was too quick, so I did not get a picture of it. BUT! We did come across a herd of COWS! There were about 15 or so of them. Some were full grown cows and some calves! One of the calves charged the Jeep! Well, a cow charge is more of a wander, but it was pretty funny when Dad called it over and it started hobbling over.

We went over to another trail that Dad wanted to explore and we got a really great view of the area. You could see a couple of the ranches and the small market area. It was spectacular. After coming down off of the mountain. We had a nice long stop at Denny's for dinner and headed home.

When we arrived back at Mom and Dad's house, Mom and Kenny were great. Mom's first time watching Kenny was a great success! Kenny, as always gave us a very awesome welcoming party. It sounds like they both had a lot of fun on their walks up and down the street a couple of times. And how do I know Kenny had a good time?... Well, the next two pictures are Kenny today. =)

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  1. Love this post!
    All I can say about the cow picture is H-A-M-B-U-R-G-E-R!
    So glad you guys enjoyed your day. I loved having Kenny to keep me company and get me much needed exercise.
    This day will be a cherished memory for all of us.
    Love you! Mom