Thursday, July 21, 2011

Steaming in Alabama

Hi All! Sorry for the delay... many apologies! I hate how my glasses fog up all of the time! :-/

Last week was a great first week at work. I am going to be learning a lot and I am coming into a project where I have the opportunity to set things up the way I want. It will be fantastic! I am very excited about it. I am learning a lot of Microsoft Access in the process which to me is quite fun. The people I am working with are fantastic also. That makes it great to go into work too.

Outside of the work, the first week's weather was terribad. Yes, terribad. 3 or 4 thunderstorms. The worst of which was Friday late at night where it sat on top of my apartment (it sounded like it) and was very very loud. I am just glad it was on Friday so I didn't have to get up the next day for work.

On Friday afternoon, after I got off at noon, which is freakin' amazing, I went view an apartment. I went to The Arlington at Eastern Shore and saw an available 2 bedroom apartment they had with an attached garage. We thought it was pretty good, but we thought I should look around some more before we just jump into it.

Later that evening, I went down to Fairhope on the outskirts of downtown to Happy Hour with my new boss and his wife. The restaurant was very homey with a live band. We had a great chat and I left about 8. I just played on my computer for a little while before the thunderstorm started. The first picture is the scenic road on the way to Fairhope (I know, I know, I shouldn't be doing that while driving). The second is a picture from outside of the restaurant.

On Saturday, I went to a few more apartment complexes (in the pouring rain) and saw some of the available places. There were a couple of really nice places, but they all had a major issue, so we decided on the Arlington. I went back and the apartment that I saw was rented, but I was able to reserve another apartment with the exact same floor plan, just no garage. I am very excited about the new apartment! Here are some pictures of the new place. The last picture is a picture of the woods at the apartment complex that I am at now.

After the apartment hunting on Saturday, I saw the Harry Potter movie. It was a great ending to the movie series. I was sad that they did not spend more time on some things, but oh well. Hopefully they will have an extended edition out soon.

Sunday was miserable weather too. Lots and Lots of rain. This weekend is shaping up to be much better. Not sure what I am going to do about it...

All in all, a pretty great first two weeks! I look forward to having Christine out here! I miss everyone so much! Shout out for Christine's videos of Kenny! They are so cute. Also, Apple, you are amazing for making facetime so easy to use.

I will blog again soon.


  1. Glad everything so working out so well. It looks so rural there. It has alot of green.

    Is the Kenny video somewhere I can see it?

    Thanks for the blog. Love you lots.

  2. I just posted two of them on my blog here -

    I'll bring him by soon, hopefully after the Bar and before camp.

  3. Thanks for the Kenny videos. Good Luck with your bar exams. I know you will do great!

  4. Awesome Blog! Thanks for keeping us updated! Glad things are working out for you! Sounds like tons of fun!