Saturday, October 8, 2011


(Daddy is still sleeping, Kenny and mommy are watching College Gameday and snuggling)

I started work on Wednesday, I have an office on the 30th floor with a pretty view north. My secretary is very nice, and so helpful. I'll be attempting dictation over the weekend, so wish me luck! I'm also frantically trying to lose weight so that all the clothes I bought in August fit!

Curtis had a good week. We had a really fun and delicious dinner at his boss' house last night.

Kenny had his first two days of daycare this week. He's exhausted. I drop him off in the morning and Curtis picks him up.

This evening we're going to a block party hosted by one of the members (partners) of my firm, in Mobile.

Bay Fest is also going on this weekend in downtown Mobile, an annual music festival (I could hear the sound checks from my office yesterday), we might try to go tomorrow, but we already missed Ludacris and Blake Shelton, who performed last night.

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  1. Loved the update! Kenny looks happy to be cuddling. There are lots of fun things to do down there.