Sunday, November 6, 2011

Nick in Alabama

Our good friend Nick came to visit us last weekend! We did so many things: we had nachos and our first bushwackers at Tacky's Jacks on Friday, which is on the causeway between Mobile and "Baldwin County" (where we live). Saturday we went to a street party in Mobile, and watched the Stanford-USC game, which was insane. And on Sunday we went down to Orange Beach so that we could put our feet in the gulf and play around a bit, before we took Nick to the airport. it was a really fun weekend!
Beautiful, soft sand
Nick doing the Heisman, that's what 2 days in Alabama does to you.
pretty sky.
pretty water, definitely needed the sunglasses out there

I also have video but my usual blogging iPad app isn't working so that will have to wait. I'm sure Curtis and Nick don't mind. 

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