Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Orleans!

We went to New Orleans for the first time this weekend, getting there yesterday and getting back today. We had a great time - we stayed in a hotel right outside the French Quarter, and had a ton of fun in a short period of time. We will likely be back there soon, we liked it so much.

- started by going to the Cafe du Monde for beignets and cafe au lait!
- then went to Pat O'Brien's for Hurricanes and the Saints-49ers game (bonus points since the crowd was great and they were giving away hot dogs and chips!)
- we walked through Bourbon Street and found a place to eat
- walked through St Louis square and got a view of the River
- stopped at the hard rock cafe for a t-shirt for Curtis
Outside of Cafe du Monde, waiting in line
Cafe au lait! (half coffee half milk)
First (and only for me) Hurricane! Yum.
Who Dat Potato Chips - they were giving out at Pat O'Brien's
Yummy French Onion Soup
Inside LeBayou Restaurant
The River
Outside of Cafe du Monde, next to St. Louis Square

St Louis' Cathedral

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