Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hurricane Issac

I like to think that Issac was a good dress rehearsal...

Our new weather radio. It can be powered by a re-chargable battery, AA batteries, a cell phone, or a hand crank.
The first thing to understand about Hurricanes is that you really don't know where it is headed until about 48 hours before. But that doesn't mean that you're not preparing for it to hit you in advance of that.
Issac hit landfall on Tuesday/Wednesday of last week, but we were preparing for it the Saturday before. On Sunday morning the projected landfall was right at Mobile, Alabama. Three hours later, it was already heading west of us into Mississippi and Louisiana, which is where it in fact landed.
But that doesn't mean we were not affected. WE bought supplies in the event of a power outage, made extra ice, and brought all of our patio furniture into the house. Curtis was off Monday-Wednesday, and I took Tuesday off and worked a half day Wednesday.

We did not lose power but the Causeway that lies on the Bay flooded, as well as parts of downtown Mobile during high tide, including outside of my office building.

Louisiana got hit pretty bad and I'm glad it didn't come here. It was nevertheless a good exercise in getting everything organized so that we were ready.
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  1. Glad you guys are ok! Hurricane's can be devastating. My mom's parents lost their house in Katrina. Glad you had one not too devastating to get you prepared!

  2. HOw is the Radio different than a regular battery-operated radio?