Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Family Updates

A few new important developments:

- Curtis is taking a GMAT class! He and our friend Louis are preparing to take the GMAT sometime in April. Which means, he will likely apply for Business School this year, to start Fall 2011 (yes, the same year Christine finishes law school... the education, and student debt... never ends!). Anyway, this was a last minute decision and he has been really busy and tired trying to catch up on all of the homework he has, but is nevertheless excited for his future prospects.

- What does the first point mean for our long-term future? Well, Curtis would like to go to school in California or somewhere close, and Christine will probably work in the bay area starting fall 2011. However, there is also the slim chance that Christine will be working for a judge during the year after graduation, anywhere in the country. So, it's a slim possibility that we will go back to our long-distance roots for a year (or two). As much as we would prefer that to NOT happen, we both feel very strongly that we should not use distance to stop us from going after significant opportunities, especially during this time before we start having kids. So, in short, we will be making some major decisions in the next year .

- On a lighter note, we now have 4 weddings on the calendar this year! Our first is May 1, for Curtis' roommate from college. The last is on July 31's, Christine's cousin Molly's wedding in Oregon. So, this summer will clearly be busy with weddings, work, and assorted social events.

Anyway, that's what we've got. As our life gets more exciting we will post more :-).

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