Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall 2012: Doggy Date in New Orleans

In Mid-October, the three of us drove to New Orleans to meet up with our friends Samantha, her mom Carolyn, and Sam's puppy Maggie at a dog park. 
Kenny was excited about the road trip.  Although when we hit bad traffic and were stuck on the freeway for  awhile, all he wanted was to be on my lap - he didn't like being stuck in the back. 

Kenny & Maggie

She's so pretty.
Kenny and Maggie hit it off okay, they were fine in the park but back at Carolyn's house Kenny got a little scared for a bit so we had to keep them separated.  But after awhile they both calmed down and were able to co-exist while we had a nice dinner together.  It was a fun visit :-). 

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