Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall 2012: Louis's Visit in September

*this is the first in a series of brief recaps from our Fall - 
backdated to correspond with the time the events took place*

In September Louis came to visit and go to an Alabama football game with us, against Ole Miss.  It was a fun, albeit very tiring day trip to and from Tuscaloosa, along with a visit with Kenny and meals at Cracker Barrel, Moe's and Waffle House.  

For the two of us, it was great to have a visitor from home and a close friend to catch up with for an entire weekend. We were sad to see him go - but perhaps he will come back for Mardi Gras! (hint, hint) 

Obviously, someone was happy to see Uncle Louis.

We pre-gamed at the Houndstooth, one of the big bars in T-Town. 

Our seats were pretty good, not cheap, but good.

Kenny was sad to see him leave.  Louis was probably less sad, since he had an allergic reaction to him  on Sunday.

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