Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Job!

Me and Kenny from tonight - can't let my nice hair not be documented, although I suppose I'll be looking better on a daily basis starting next week!
I suppose it's time to come out and say it to our blog readers - I got a job! It's a little surreal, which is why I haven't really announced it to many people.

Starting next Wednesday, I'll be an Associate at Hand Arendall - an Alabama firm with its largest office in Mobile. I'm not tied to a specific practice area, except that I will probably be doing mostly litigation. There will probably be employment in the mix, but I'm not sure of what else.

Tonight I went to a happy hour that they have monthly, which was really fun because I got to meet a lot of people and see my office. The offices are on the 30th and 31st floor of the tallest building in Mobile and I have a lovely view :-). I'm sure I will have more on the subject after I start, but I wanted to pass along the good news to those of you who would be interested. It is my first real post-law school job, so I'm very nervous about it (bring on the insomnia!), but excited about the opportunity too!

Update: I forgot to post a picture of the flowers Curtis gave me on the day I got my offer - so sweet of him :-)


  1. Congratulations!! Way to Go!! That will make for a more relaxing weekend in Northern California. See you soon.

  2. Love that picture! Your hair looks great! Kenny dog looks so cute!!!

  3. Congratulations, Christine! And best of luck settling into Alabama!

  4. Congratulations! How exciting, so proud of you!

  5. Just saw the flowers. They are beautiful! Curtis is such a sweetHart!