Sunday, September 18, 2011

Our Patio and BBQ!

When I got to Spanish Fort I looked around our neighborhood and saw that EVERYONE had a BBQ on their porch, with very few exceptions. Plus they had some kind of patio furniture, so I knew that we should try and make use of the space, other than for bike storage.

So yesterday, we went to Lowe's - Curtis' manly side kicked in and he got really excited and we picked out our grill - which had the key feature of being very compact for our space.

Curtis had the honors of cooking our first dinner on the grill: Steak with grilled corn on the cob and a grilled onion soaked in butter. We also had salad and rolls with our dinner, which was delicious. We even opened up a wedding present that we hadn't yet: grill tools and a tray!

We also bought a couple of patio chairs and a table, and Kenny is happy that we will go out there to hang out from time to time.

Tonight we're probably making BBQ Chicken :-)

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  1. Looks like you are all set for grillin'. I love it. It is so easy and healthy.