Saturday, September 3, 2011

Our new home: Outside

We live in a community that opened in 2009, called The Arlington at Eastern Shore. It sits next to a large shopping area (yay) and has gates around the front (the back is open space, high grass and trees, pictures to follow)

It's quite charming in that all of the buildings are only two stories, so it has a townhouse feel to it and it's very quiet.

Here is our building - our door is in the corner, and when you go in, you immediately go upstairs to our apartment. (yes this is the same picture as our change of address cards!)

It's also nice because, even though we were hoping to get a unit with a garage, we're able to park right outside our door, and, as experienced renters know, that saves a lot of time and trouble, especially with groceries.

Next: views from our unit!

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