Friday, September 9, 2011

Pictures from around Spanish Fort and Daphne (updated with captions!)

We drove to Daphne to go to the grocery store and pick up pizza. I brought the iPad to get some pictures:-)

Sign is for Pensacola to the East, Mobile to the West

The 10 Freeway doesn't look like this at home!

This says "Bass Pro Drive" because there's a HUGE Bass Pro Shop over there. As well as a Kohl's:-)

Highway 98 - Goes through Daphne, Fairhope

Whispering Pines Drive, note the pretty bridge on the right

A house along the way

The Daphne Dog Park!

Our Grocery Store (they're building a Publix across the street from our house, due to open this fall!)

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  1. Looks like there are a lot of trees. Thanks for the pictures!