Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Our new home: Living Room/Dining Room

Today I had a renewed motivation to finish putting the house together. It's mostly done, but there is still some organizing to do. I got my keyboard working and actually played for a little bit on it! I also put together our bookshelf with all of our pictures.

Don't mind the sleeping doggy :-)

We put two of Grandma Hart's paintings in our stairwell. We don't have the kind of large walls we had in our old apartment to hang our larger pictures, but this seems to look good. We do have a few more pictures that we need to find places for. They mind end up being stored as we wait to move into a larger house.

(yes, those are our UCLA and Stanford hats, that will probably be moved after I post this blog, lol)

What's on TV? "Anderson," Anderson Cooper's new talk show. I'm enjoying it.

My grandparents' table and chairs found their way to Alabama! Our first table was so small, and so I asked my Grandpa for their table when he moved out of his house. It didn't belong to my grandparents for very long, but there is a fun story behind it: My Grandma loved shopping for deals, I remember how much she loved to shop at Pic&Save, and she called my Grandpa frantically and asked him to bring the pickup truck they had at the time over to a garage sale to buy this table. He asked her what she planned to do with the table they already had, and she said that they'd give it to someone in the family. So that's what they did, it might not have been in the family for long, but my Grandma used it at the end, and she would probably find it quite funny that I use it now, in Alabama of all places!

One thing I love about the front room is the light. We have large windows on three walls, and even with the blinds closed I don't need any artificial light during the day. It was one reason I signed off on the apartment sight-unseen, because that was the first thing that Curtis noticed. It's not a huge space, but it's big enough, and the TV area especially is very cozy.

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